Wellbeing Programme

The Wellbeing Programme is HCA Healthcare UK’s dedicated support programme for patients living with and beyond cancer.  We have a programme of support and services available to help you live well through your cancer treatment and beyond.

It’s so encouraging to see that more and more people than ever are living with and beyond cancer, but we know the impact of cancer doesn’t suddenly stop when treatment is over. Having cancer, and equally recovering from cancer, can impact on every aspect of your life and on those around you. At HCA Healthcare UK we recognise that quality of life is as important to our patients as survival and is a vital aspect of the cancer patient experience provided.

Adjusting to life after cancer treatment or living with cancer can provoke strong emotions and possible fears for the future. People living with and beyond cancer have new challenges to cope with including physical, psychological and social needs.

Through The Wellbeing Programme we aim to put our patients in control of their recovery through access to a variety of support options, advice and interventions and access to the most appropriate clinicians when needed. Each workshop is delivered in a relaxed and informal environment, facilitated by key health professionals and subject experts.

Above all, we aim to be there for our patients throughout their cancer treatment and beyond. No matter what stage you are at, our commitment is to ensure you receive the very best of care at all times starting with your first consultation, through to treatment and rehabilitative care.

The wellbeing programme offers a series of complimentary workshops to support with:- Emotional and Psychological impact of cancer with The Wellbeing Programme’s Emotional Wellbeing Workshop, Mind and Body, including The Wellbeing Programme’s Hair and Image Workshop, The Wellbeing Programme’s Complementary Therapy Workshop and The wellbeing programme’s Meditation Workshop.

close up of hand receiving massage

Nutrition and strength, through The Wellbeing Programme’s Nutritional wellbeing workshop  and The Wellbeing Programme’s Physical Activity and Strength Workshop.

Practical support  including Working with Cancer workshop, How to talk to children about cancer and How to cope when caring for someone with cancer.

Get in touch

Our expert-led workshops will give you the opportunity to ask any questions or discuss any concerns you may have, in a safe and confidential space.

In addition to these regular workshops we run workshops covering specific subjects such as menopause and managing fatigue.

These workshops are run regularly throughout the year.

To attend one of our workshops or to get more information on what might be the right fit for you, please contact our Supportive Services Coordinators on:

SupportiveServices@theloc.com or 0207 317 2628

Alongside these workshops we are developing a series of disease specific support and wellbeing groups. These offer more specific information and support and an opportunity to meet other patients and carers. These are facilitated by your Clinical Nurse Specialist and the Clinical Lead for Supportive Cancer Care. Please ask your CNS or the Supportive Services team for further details and dates of the next meeting.’