Sexual Health & Intimacy

It is very common for people with cancer to worry about intimacy or to experience problems with their sexual health.

Such issues may have already been a problem, or may have evolved during treatment. Side effects of treatments, as well as the process of having cancer, often cause both emotional and physical problems and both can impact on sexual wellbeing.

It can be very hard to talk about these issues with anyone, including your consultant. Dr Catherine Hood | Consultant Psychosexual Medicine and Dr Kam Mann | Men’s Health physician run a comprehensive HCA Sexual Service running sessions for individuals or couples who want to discuss any issues concerning intimacy and sex, including physical or emotional problems, body image or libido.

The sessions are highly confidential and any issues will only be discussed with your consultant if it is necessary and with your consent.

To book an appointment with the HCA Sexual Health Service team, please contact the supportive services team.

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