Our team of experienced oncology dietitians can answer all of your nutritional questions and help to ensure you maintain an optimal diet throughout your treatment.

Dietitians are qualified healthcare professionals that assess, diagnose and treat dietary and nutritional problems.  The team of experienced Specialist Oncology Dietitians at The LOC can provide therapeutic diets to help manage specific symptoms that may be experienced as a result of cancer or its treatment, such as appetite changes, altered bowel habits, weight loss or gain and reduced strength or energy.

To find out more about maintaining a healthy diet during cancer treatment, and to answer a commonly asked question about sugar, read our blog post here.

Each of the dietitians working at the LOC have a minimum of five years’ worth of experience of working with cancer patients.

All patient’s treated at our facilities are screened at their first appointment and at regular intervals throughout their treatment for signs of malnutrition to ensure we identify people in need of nutrition support at the earliest opportunity.

The dietetic service is offered 9am until 5pm Monday – Friday.

Initial consultations are 60minutes; follow-up appointments vary between 30-45 minutes.

Most private medical insurers will cover 2-3 appointments with a dietitian as part of your cancer treatment. Affordable self-pay rates are also available.

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