Living Well

Helping you to 'Eat Well, Think Well and Move Well'

A cancer diagnosis and the treatment that follows can be stressful and confusing. This is where Living Well comes in. Our expert led programme is here to help you and your family cope and stay informed during your cancer treatment – and to move on smoothly afterwards.

We offer group workshops, lectures and one-to-one sessions on subjects such as eating for maximum health, coping with low mood and anxiety, going back to work or understanding the medical specifics of your condition.

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The workshops also offer a group setting for patients and staff to share a wealth of information and expert guidance. They also include the often unexpected benefit of shared experience and support. All are free of charge to LOC patients.

I really didn’t know quite where to start with finding a physiotherapist and the LOC really helped in aiding the ongoing recovery process

Moving-On Course - Embracing life post treatment

This six-week course is designed to address your physical, psychological, practical and spiritual concerns. Each week we address a different theme, from exercise to healthy eating, from coping emotionally to medical effects of treatment. The overriding theme is to be engaged and proactive. Our team of experts includes specialists in exercise, meditation, nutrition, sexual health, and complementary therapies. They operate alongside our clinical team of oncologists and nurses.

The camaraderie and support offered by fellow attendees has a powerful effect in connecting participants. They report a greater sense of general wellbeing physically and emotionally, with often unexpected results such as new-found confidence. We follow up a month later, to see how you are getting on.

Ideally, we suggest you commit to this programme when you are 3-24 months post treatment.

I found that the nutritional part of Supportive Services has helped me greatly, and due to this I have changed my diet and I feel a lot better for it