The Importance of Supportive Therapies

As a leading provider of cancer care, we recognise that there are many aspects of physical and emotional wellbeing which are important to our patients during and after their treatment.

At each LOC facility we provide a range of supportive therapies designed to help prevent, alleviate or manage the consequences of cancer or the cancer treatments we provide.

We offer clinics for dietetic advice, psychological support, complementary therapy, physiotherapy and hair and image advice. In addition to this we host a comprehensive series of workshops known as the ‘Living Well Programme’ to help support our patients and their relatives.

Over the past 12 months the supportive services team at the LOC have started to conduct small-scale research investigating the impact of supportive services on symptom management and quality of life. Together, the supportive services team and the HCA research committee are aiming to continue to cultivate an environment which is conducive to conducting and publishing supportive care research.