Sarcoma is a rare type of cancer that develops in the bone or in the soft tissue such as the muscle, nerves, fatty tissue and blood vessels. Such a cancer can affect any part of the body though it is commonly affects the arms, legs and the torso. Sarcomas can also occur in the stomach, intestines and the female reproductive system.


The patient’s treatment is dependent on the type of sarcoma and how advance the cancer is including the age of the patient and their general health.

Treating a sarcoma is a very complicated thing to do. Here at The LOC we make sure that every patient looking to receive the best care in the world for fighting sarcomas gets it, and does so in a manner that is suited to their precise needs.

We always adhere to delivering an integrative approach to each cancer type we come across and sarcomas are no different. When a patient comes through our doors, we construct a treatment plan that is personalised, concise and precise. More importantly, it has to be a plan that a patient will be more than happy with.

The Sarah Cannon Research Institute provides the latest breakthroughs in this field of treatment which allows The LOC to offer our patients treatments unavailable elsewhere.

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