Pancreatic Cancer

Cancer to the upper gastrointestinal can affect the oesophagus, stomach and the duodenum (small intestine), pancreas, liver and the biliary. The patient’s treatment is dependent on the type cancer and how advance the cancer is including the age of the patient and their general health.
When you visit the LOC you will get a consultation with one of the world’s leading specialists in pancreatic cancer treatment. We aim to keep you informed, from the consultation process through to the completion of your treatment for pancreatic cancer in a relaxed and comfortable environment.

As well as having the world’s leading specialists in the treatment for pancreatic cancer the LOC benefits from having links with the Sarah Cannon Research Institute giving you the latest, up to date treatments.

Our consultations inform you about the full process including options such as chemotherapy for pancreatic cancer, if you would like to know more or book a consultation please use the links below to get in touch.

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