Liver Cancer

LOC is the UK’s leading clinic for diagnosis and private treatment of liver cancer. Our expert consultants are leaders in their field at working with this illness and knowing the best approach for fighting it.

Liver cancer is a very serious illness and one that needs a high level of support to fight. LOC helps to make the journey as easy as possible through a range of supportive services. These include complementary therapy and nutrition counselling. We aim to help individuals in as wide a range of possible.

We also use the latest breakthroughs in cancer drugs to deliver a higher level of treatment and care than can’t be provided elsewhere. This is due in large part to the work of the Sarah Cannon Research Institute.

We don’t just have specialists for liver cancer but experts that treat all cancer types. With over 80 consultants specialising in their respective areas, you can find a consultant for every major cancer type at our clinic. To see who they are, you can use the Find a Consultant box at the top of this page. Please use the links below to get in touch.

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