Professor Peter Schmid – CMA Disclosure

Prof Peter Schmid represents the hospital as chief medical advisor for the LOC in Chelsea. This role includes providing clinical guidance to develop and implement cancer services in line with cancer strategy for the hospital, ensuring efficient and continuing operation of all aspects of cancer services at the hospital. Furthermore, he advises on co-operations with third parties in the healthcare business and other health service providers including but not limited to UK’s National Health Service.

He provides medical advisory and consultancy services to the LOC in relation to new business opportunities for its cancer services in the area of South West London, and participates in the recruitment of clinicians to work within the hospital.

Prof Schmid will lead and support the multi-disciplinary teams to ensure LOC provides safe, comprehensive, cost-effective, and medically appropriate services for cancer patients, including the provision of advice on and the formulation of protocols relevant to the cancer services.

He provides advice and guidance to LOC on policies, procedures and protocols consistent with evidence-based guidelines and comply with regulatory and certification standards. Furthermore, advising on the maintenance and implementation of relevant clinical and safety standards in line with legislation and medical guidelines.

He also acts as the LOC Chelsea representative at the hospital’s medical advisory committee, along with participating in the quality assurance and improvement processes of the cancer services at the hospital, including attending the clinical governance committee, and routine participation in initiatives to improve the quality of the clinical care.

He participates in direct patient seminars, service provider and service user events when required to promote the hospital and cancer services, along with participating in the drafting of marketing materials.

HCA UK is charged by doctors in return for their expertise and advice, including on how to operate safe hospital facilities delivering complex care.

All services provided under this agreement are charged to HCA UK. In 2019, the total paid for these services was £88,176.

HCA requires the doctors that advise us to attest that if they also practice in the NHS that they are not compromising their NHS commitments.

The information disclosed on this page in accordance with the Private Healthcare Market Investigation Order 2014 is true and accurate to the best of HCA’s knowledge and belief.