Dr Robert Marcus

Dr Robert Marcus


Consultant Haematologist

I graduated from University College Hospital Medical School in 1977,  and after general medical training specialised  in haematology at UCH,  the Royal Postgraduate Medical School and the Royal Free Hospital . In 1987  I was appointed Consultant Haematologist at Addenbrooke’s Hospital in Cambridge where  I was  Lead Cancer Clinician , established the regional bone marrow transplant unit and participated in the first studies of  antibody therapy  in Lymphoma and Chronic Lymphatic Leukaemia  .

I was a lecturer in Pathology at the University of Cambridge and an Examiner for the Royal College of Pathologists.

I relocated to  Kings College Hospital 2008 where I established joint clinics for HIV  post transplant and cerebral lymphoma as well as rapid access clinics for patients with suspected Haematological malignancy.

I established  the “London Lymphoma Forum “ and the national “Post ASH highlights “ meetings which make a major contribution to post graduate education for trainees in Haematology in the UK

I have been instrumental in writing guidelines throughout my career both in my role as Clinical Director of the British Committee for Standards in Haematology and subsequently  , to include guidelines for follicular , post transplant  and cerebral Lymphoma and HIV related malignancy

As Chairman of the low grade lymphoma working party of the UK  National Lymphoma Clinical Studies Group I have designed and led a number of innovative clinical trials that have transformed clinical practice.

I am medical advisor to the Lymphoma Association, Bloodwise and Vice-President of the Leukaemia Care Society.

NHS Trust

  • King’s College Hospital NHS foundation Trust

Research and Publications

I have contributed to more 200 papers and articles, and have  recently co-edited  a standard textbook on the Lymphomas now in its second edition, the Cambridge University Press textbook on Myeloma , and contributed  chapters to the 2016 editions of “Post Graduate Haematology“ and the “Oxford Handbook of Clinical Trials.“

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