Dr George Mikhaeel

Dr George Mikhaeel


Consultant Clinical Oncologist

I specialise in the treatment of lymphoma and colorectal cancer with both chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

I trained in clinical oncology in Guy’s and St Thomas’ Hospital, University College London, and Mount Vernon Hospital before my appointment as a consultant in 2001.

I have a unique expertise as one of the very few clinicians treating lymphoma with both chemotherapy and radiotherapy. I am an early implementer of advanced radiotherapy techniques in lymphoma radiotherapy. I introduced 3-Dimensional conformal radiotherapy to Guy’s and St Thomas’ as one the first centres in the UK to offer this treatment. I specialise in Image-Guided IMRT in lymphoma to improve targeting of radiation and reduce side effects. I also have a large NHS colorectal cancer practice as the main oncologist treating this cancer with chemotherapy and radiotherapy in Lewisham Hospital.

My research interest is focused on advanced radiotherapy technology and PET scanning for lymphoma and its use to predict prognosis and tailor treatment to the need of the individual patient. I published extensively in this field and has been an invited speaker in many international conferences in France, Spain, Switzerland, Italy, Germany, and Austria. I am a member of the UK National Cancer Research Institute – Lymphoma studies group and am the chief investigator on a national study of PET scanning and chemotherapy in non-Hodgkin lymphoma. I am a local principle investigator on many clinical trials in colorectal cancer and lymphoma. I am a member of the steering committee of the “International Lymphoma Radiation Oncology Group” and have been one of its founders.

I have an interest in “Health Care Quality” and have been the Chair of the Trust Clinical Audit Committee in Guy’s & St Thomas’ Hospital since 2004 and the Head of Clinical Oncology since 2007.

NHS Trust

  • Lewisham Hospital NHS Foundation Trust.

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