Dr Munaza Ahmed

Dr Munaza Ahmed


Consultant Clinical Geneticist

I have extensive experience in the diagnosis and management of hereditary cancer syndromes.

I have been a Consultant Clinical Geneticist since 2011 and currently lead the North East Thames Regional Cancer Genetics Service which is based at Great Ormond Street Hospital NHS Foundation Trust.  My NHS clinic sites include the Royal Free Hospital, University College London Hospital and Great Ormond Street Hospital where I run a specialist paediatric cancer genetics clinic.

My undergraduate training was at UCL. Following this I undertook training in Oncology at University College London Hospital, specialist training in Clinical Genetics at the Manchester Centre for Genomic Medicine, and Cancer Genetics training at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Centre, New York.  In 2016 I gained a postgraduate qualification in Genomic Medicine.

Research and Publications

My research experience is mainly in the field of hereditary susceptibility to breast cancer and I have a higher research degree awarded by the Institute of Cancer Research in this subject.

I am also involved in research on hereditary causes for childhood cancer and the early detection and prevention of cancers, especially of the breast and ovary.


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