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How we treat Cancer

A World Class Team

When we set up LOC, we wanted to create a totally new clinical environment where we could provide innovative cancer treatment,which for the first time would be focused on individual patient needs.

Whatever type of cancer you have, you will have a specialist consultant who has spent years researching the latest, most effective treatments, both in internationally renowned teaching hospitals and in the private sector.

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Our Integrative Approach

Our team of specialists will work together with you to develop a personalised treatment plan that is tailored to you, your unique needs and diagnosis. We take an integrative approach to cancer care that supports your physical, emotional and spiritual needs. How we treat Cancer At LOC, we provide day case cancer treatments specifically designed by your consultant which is unique to your stage of cancer, symptoms and individual needs. We deliver the latest most effective treatment options which include:

How we support you

The LOC is not just about cancer ‘treatments’. We also offer all patients wider physical and emotional support. Our aim is to help you stay strong, combat side effects and help you through the difficult stages of treatment and recovery. See Supporting You for more on this.

Cancer Types

We treat all forms of adult cancer, from the most common to the very rare, see Cancer types for more information.