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Our Story

We are extremely proud of our humble beginnings.

LOC was set up by four leading cancer specialists to provide outstanding patient care and cutting-edge treatments, delivered according to the standards of best practice recognised around the world.

Over the years we have continually expanded our facilities and services to meet the growing needs of our patients, consultants and ever evolving treatment options. Originating as a single clinic, we have grown in size, experience and stature and are proud to say that the LOC now offers our services at six out-patient centres across London and one in Manchester.

While we continue to lead in the development of cancer care, there are a number of things that remain core to the LOC and what makes us so different.

Harley Street Sign on building

Dr Maurice Slevin, Consultant Medical Oncologist and LOC Founding Partner

“We started the LOC to provide the highest standard of cancer treatment and make available the latest treatments, in an environment which enables people to feel positive and energised as well as supported and cared for, physically and emotionally.”

Leading cancer experts

We have carefully chosen an outstanding team of over 80 consultants . All are recognised nationally and internationally as experts in their fields. Working along with them is a range of other specialists. Together they combine their expertise and experience to deliver the best possible treatment to our patients.

Our highly skilled teams include:

Internationally Renowned For Medical Excellence

Our team of consultants and clinical colleagues work together to provide exceptional cancer care of varying specialities. Together we have worked hard to establish an international reputation for pioneering treatments and exceptionally high standards of patient care.

Part of the UK’s leading independent hospital group

LOC is part of HCA Healthcare UK, the largest private healthcare organisation in the UK. LOC can be found in a number of HCA hospitals around London:

LOC has also established successful NHS partnerships with UCH and The Christie Clinic in Manchester.

These centres are intrinsically linked as part of the HCA cancer network, to ensure high standards of care and to implement the latest research. By being part of such an extensive network of specialist units, we are able to care for all our patients’ needs.