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Our Team

We always keep your interests at the heart of everything we do

Our Nurses

Nurses play a vital role in caring for patients at LOC, and are often the members of our clinical team with whom patients have the most contact. Our team of specialist nurses are all highly qualified and experienced in caring for cancer patients. They provide the highest standards of care, with a positive patient centred approach.

At LOC, nurses work very closely with your doctors and other members of the healthcare team to develop personalised treatment plans, tailored specifically to your needs. They will provide you with detailed information about your treatment to ensure that you and your family know what to expect during treatment. Nurses are also responsible for the administration of your treatment and monitoring any side-effects you may experience.

Our Clinical Team

Our clinic doctors are based in the treatment suite and are on duty every hour the clinic is open. They work collaboratively with your consultant, nurse and other members of the healthcare team and are responsible for carrying out medical reviews for patients receiving treatment.

The pharmacy department take care of all of your medication needs and provide comprehensive clinical and dispensing services from our on site location. The pharmacy team work in conjunction with your consultant to provide any supportive medication you may require throughout your treatment. Our highly experienced clinical pharmacists will check for drug-drug and drug-herb interactions to make sure that everything prescribed to you is safe, effective and will not interfere with your treatment regimen.

staff working in pharmacy

LOC Executive Team

Aida Yousefi

Aida Yousefi

Chief Executive Officer

Aida became the Chief Executive Officer at Leaders in Oncology Care in May 2018.

Since joining HCA in 2002, Aida has held a number of senior management roles including Cancer Pharmacy Manager, Director of Clinical Services and Clinical Trials. As part of her role as Director of the Cancer Network, Aida leads the strategic planning and effective running of the network and all its groups, ensuring engagement with key stakeholders and delivery of agreed objectives.

In 2010, Aida’s role was extended to managing the Cancer Services for The Harley Street Clinic. In 2012, Aida moved over fully to The Harley Street Clinic as Chief Operating Officer managing all outpatient areas including diagnostics, radiation, imaging and cancer services. During this time she planned and developed The Harley Street Clinic Outpatient Diagnostic Centre, adding an additional 6 outpatient buildings to The Harley Street Clinic campus.

Aida was promoted to Chief Executive Officer at The Harley Street Clinic in March 2014 during challenging times and led her team to both an OUTSTANDING rate from the Care Quality Commission, and led the hospital to a healthy financial position. Aida has also been the Chief Executive Officer of The Portland Hospital since January 2017.

Enda O'Meara

Enda O'Meara

VP of Financial Operations

Marcella O’Brien

Marcella O’Brien

Chief Nursing Officer

Marcella initially trained and qualified as a nurse at St Vincent’s Hospital, Dublin.

She then studied for degrees in Sociology at University College Dublin, and a BSc in Oncology at St Luke’s Dublin. She subsequently worked in Saudi Arabia, setting up a medical unit which included an oncology wing. She then returned to the UK to work at The London Bridge Hospital.

Further studies included two years at The Tavistock Institute, with a degree in Psychology, specialising in people with chronic illness. For eight years she was at The Lister Hospital, becoming their Oncology Nurse Manager. At the same time, she studied for her Diploma in Management from the University of Greenwich. She was one of the founding members of LOC and a key asset to the core team. Marcella recruited the clinical team, set standards for patient care, and, working with her colleagues, developed our systems and processes.

Marcella is responsible for the delivery of all patient-facing activity in all LOC facilities.