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Clinical Trials

At LOC we are committed to bringing the most innovative cancer treatment to our patients sooner. One way in which we can do this is by participating in clinical trials and studies. Cancer research clinical trials and studies are designed to diagnose, treat and prevent cancer and also to manage the symptoms of cancer or the side effects of its treatment.

Clinical trials are available for all stages of cancer, and not only for those with advanced disease. Many of our consultants are personally involved in these clinical trials and so can advise you on what is relevant to your condition. If your consultant believes that you are eligible for enrolment into a clinical trial, they will liaise directly with the SCRIUK team and will continue to be closely involved in your care.

LOC and SCRIUK have a shared electronic medical record and prescribing system to easily facilitate transfer and shared care between both sites.

All clinical trials at Sarah Cannon Research UK follow the strict rules set by the Department of Health and are approved by an Ethics Committee in the UK, to ensure that the highest standards of safety are maintained at all times.

If you would like to know more about clinical trials at SCRI UK please visit their website at:

For a list of clinical trials open to recruitment at SCRI UK please visit: